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Generate Noteworthy Certificate06/19/24

So friendly and nice! Great personality and easy to work with! - Carol Gilbert

Generate Noteworthy Certificate06/13/24

She did eye tests with my 52 yr old mentally handicapped daughter Amy. Sherrie was great with her, Amy can be fearful of tests. - Patty Walsh

Generate Noteworthy Certificate04/05/24

Stephanie has thee most pleasant personality. Even on my initial visit to UES when I was late and had to reschedule; the manner in which she communicated the situation made me want to come back and be more mindful of my time. Stephanie Rocks! - Tony Hawthorne

Generate Noteworthy Certificate03/25/24

Extremely kind and personable - Evan Oesterle

Generate Noteworthy Certificate03/18/24

Polite, sense of humor and professional. And helpful! - Kathleen Lamb

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So pleasant! So thorough - Sharon Morris

Generate Noteworthy Certificate02/19/24

ALWAYS so welcoming & ever helpful on the phone or in person to everyone. You’re fortunate to have her - Darden Carr

Generate Noteworthy Certificate02/19/24

Super energetic & friendly. Informative (is the 1st person that I remember telling me not to hold my breath) Jjust a great person for initial work-up. - Darden Carr

Generate Noteworthy Certificate01/19/24

I'm not good with eye drops. Tina knows a way to get eye drops in without all the trauma. She is really kind as well. Thanks again Tina. - Bev Nesbitt

Generate Noteworthy Certificate01/12/24

Friendly, highly skilled, excellent communication skills. - Beth Hahn

Generate Noteworthy Certificate01/10/24

Very competent. She was polite and thorough. - Joseph Terc

Generate Noteworthy Certificate12/22/23

Just so kind and professional. Pleasant and informative - Cece

Generate Noteworthy Certificate12/11/23

I was comforted by here thorough descriptions of what she was about to do. Politely avoiding surprise is a great favor given people’s sensitivity regarding their eyes. - Todd Doersch

Generate Noteworthy Certificate11/17/23

Patient. Kind. Understanding. Sympathetic. Knowledgable. Efficient. Personable. Great experience & really treats patients with great compassion. - Rich Goodman

Generate Noteworthy Certificate11/01/23

Very friendly and patient with my 92 year old mother - Sheila

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate10/21/23

Wonderful staff- Rigo I is kind and patient and puts patients at ease. Dr Yang takes all the time necessary to reassure and explain and give a comprehensive exam.

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate10/17/23

Pleasant and super thorough. She caught something that Dr. Yang wouldn’t have seen if she’d dilated. So grateful.she saw the problem. - Shelley Gibbons

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate09/28/23

Dr Jon is thorough in his examination and explains everything about your visit. He takes his time and patiently listens to the patient. He is the best.

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/23/23

Alyssa was extremely upbeat and friendly, as well as patient.

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/23/23

Monica performed my mom's eye exam. She was very friendly and patient.

Very professional and caring - Mary O'Brien

Generate Noteworthy Certificate07/28/23

Made patients feel comfortable, was also very knowledgeable. Instructions were very clear. Was fast but did not feel rushed at all!

Generate Noteworthy Certificate07/25/23

Very informative and proficient - Sandy Hatcher-Holmes

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate07/07/23

Sherri was amazing!! She took her time with me and explained what she was doing, she was very thorough.

Leah B
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Generate Noteworthy Certificate06/02/23

They are the receptionist professionals. Polite, competent, respectful, and knowledgeable, they made my visit a pleasure! - Julia E

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate06/01/23

So friendly, so helpful. Always cheerful even when he is super busy. He is an asset to your organization. - Dr Michael Lee

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate04/13/23

She was friendly, efficient, and knew her stuff. And she has a great sense of humor! - Madeline Baum

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate04/07/23

Sherri and Corina were really helpful and kind and got me in to see Dr Yang ASAP. It turns out I have an infection so it’s really good I was able to get in today. Tina was a delight and made me laugh and feel at ease. Thank you!! - Laurel Spindel

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate04/03/23

She was very friendly, efficient, and fun. Made my exam very pleasant. - Virginia Mulllin

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate03/28/23

Answered all my calls and questions - Robert Pasenko

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate02/28/23

Jaz was terrific; she was very thorough, kind and patient with my mom. Dr. Piper and Yang were both very kind and without Dr. Ruderman my mom probably wouldn't have sight at all. They were all great and answered my questions.

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate02/24/23

Amazing attention to detail. Lovely and pleasant as well! - Carol white

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate02/14/23

Expertise, friendly, kind, respectful, knowledgeable. - Winnie Stariha

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate02/10/23

She was friendly, effficient, and patient. - Shruthi Chandramouli

Generate Noteworthy Certificate01/05/23

She does three things at once, gets them all right and makes it look effortless!! Thank you Stephanie. - Renee & John

Kind, engaging. Sherri is a competent technician. - Maurine Hinterberger

Generate Noteworthy Certificate12/09/22

Ms Ida is a fountain of information she conveyed in a welcoming, authentic, & inclusive manner for me and Elizabeth (my 2nd set of ears). Monica was great, and graciously answering my naïve questions about what happens in the surgical suite. Thanks guys!!!! - Amy Abe

Sherry (Technician, i believe. Did all prelim work examonation-wise before.seeing Dr Ruderman)
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Generate Noteworthy Certificate11/29/22

Professional and Personable. Top to bottom. Excellent people at this office. George and Stephanie and Sherry (Tech) were absolutely kind, considerate, warm, and professional. Dr. Ruderman was personable and professional, and completely thorough in his assessment of condition. Everyone should be proud of their work and their personal skills and kindness and excellence. I'll stop now. 😀 - Michael Szeles

Marcy was pleasant and patient with me using my transcript due to my deafness. We communicated well. Dr Ruderman tops in his profession. - A. Ban


Generate Noteworthy Certificate10/26/22

Tina was professional, knowledgeable and patient. Very thorough. She explained as the exam progressed. Good personality. - Paula Lingo

Technician Nick

Generate Noteworthy Certificate10/25/22

Patient and friendly - Sally King


Generate Noteworthy Certificate10/21/22

She's patient, pleasant, very helpful and FUNNY - Sue Imrem

Generate Noteworthy Certificate09/15/22

Ida is fantastic! She explained everything very patiently and answered all of my questions. She is very friendly, yet professional, and put me at ease right away. - Pauline Brakebill

Generate Noteworthy Certificate09/07/22

Sherri who checked my vision was very good in the exam room. She had a great professional chair side efficient manor besides being cheerful and thorough. - Phyllis Czyz

Generate Noteworthy Certificate09/06/22

Kind, patient and efficient - Maryclaire Collins

Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/31/22

Sheri was actually The technician that was assigned to Dr. Yang the day of my examination. She was extremely knowledgeable friendly and competent. In fact I would go so far as to request her for my tech if she is available next year for my exam. - Alan Mathis

Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/31/22

Stephanie is personable, professional and competent. - Alan Mathis

Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/31/22

Very pleasant, patient,& thorough. All around nice people! - lorre chandler

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Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/31/22

Stephanie is not only polite, professional and caring but while listening to a reminder call, I did not understand completely ( covid long hauler). I called bad and she assured me all was welll. She was kind, understanding, assuring and most of all the nicest appointment person I’ve ever spoken to. Also a delight when I actually came to my appointment. She is one of your best. - Pals Deborah

Generate Noteworthy Certificate08/30/22

I loved how she explained & clarified the process & procedures. She was helpful & fun.